Venture Factory for Scholars program contains 3 continuous sub-program:

Venture Factory

Entrepreneurial community where Lestari provides intensive training and mentoring to Teams (consisted of min. 2 people where at least 1 member are scholars)) that have created a business plan, with the intention to develop their business models, find product-market fit, launch their ventures and gain traction. The bootcamp covers topics such as business plan development, financial forecasting, marketing, sales, and MVP creation. 


During the program, 100 Teams will be selected based on their eagerness to learn and business ideas on whether they will be moving on to the second phase of Venture Factory. Teams that are selected will be gaining mentorship from practitioners and experts in the industry. 


Venture Showcase Day

Venture Showcase Day is a pitch event and venture fair where selected teams present their venture to a panel of judges and a live audience. The judges could provide feedback and ask questions, and the audience could also ask questions and provide feedback.


During the event, teams will also showcase their ventures by setting up booths or displays and network with potential investors, partners, and customers.