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PLN Elevation: Watts Up!

We work together with PLN to deliver you an exciting program that helps transform our future

Accelerator in Progress

PLN Elevation (Elevate Electricity Innovation): Watts Up!

We’re looking for a world-changing idea that will help shape our sustainable future both in the digital and hardware technology, especially related to future energy solutions. If accepted, you’ll take part in our virtual, 3-months long program where you will get the opportunity to sandbox your idea in the actual ecosystem.

Solutions are ideally in the prototype phase or beyond, but we will also consider the ideation-stage solutions submitted. Solutions preferably include in one of the following focus areas:

    1. Asset and Resource Innovation
      These innovations include tangible assets such as buildings, lands, trade goods, machines, offices, as well as non-physical assets with exchangeable value, such as human resources.
    2. Green Energy Ecosystem
      This focus area welcomes all innovation that can make greener energy available for consumption at scale. Producing energy from waste and pursuing renewable energy commercialization exemplify this focus area.
    3. Electric Ecosystem
      Innovations that could help to expedite the electricity adoption across the society will be part of this focus area. Directions this area can go – Electric Vehicle Boat & Fisheries, Electric Vehicle Ecosystem, Electrifying and Digital Agriculture, Electrifying lifestyle, Fiber optic roll out, Infrastructure Innovation, Electric Stove, Smarthome, Wifi Point etc.

However, we also welcome for any innovative and world changing ideas in other sector too (e.g. Technological Innovation, cyber-security, etc).


  • Indonesian startup (majority of founder and co-founder are Indonesia citizens).
  • This competition is open to the public, and university students are welcome to join.
  • Fully committed to completing the program.
  • The innovation is original created by the team/participant.
  • Innovator may only submit a maximum of 1 solution for each focur area.
  • Innovator submit a pitch video, up to 4 minutes in length.
  • Innovator are not participating in other acceleration programs.

We will facilitate you with expeditious features!

Interactive class tailored to your needs

Private sessions with experts

Pilot-testing access to the PLN business ecosystem

Access to the best investors ecosystem

Start-up network & ecosystem

De-risks your startup

Total of 1 Billion IDR

for 10 Finalists

Total of 450 Million IDR

for Top 3 Startups

*)it can be used according to terms and condition of the program


Application Open August 24th, 2022

Application Close October 12nd, 2022

Selected 20 Startups Announcement October 13th, 2022

Presentation and Online Interview October 17th-19th, 2022

Selected 10 Startups Announcement October 20th, 2022

Grand Launching Acceleration Program October 27th, 2022

Acceleration Phase Nov, 2022 - Jan, 2023

Awards and Demo Day February, 2023 *)tbc

Let’s power up your startup!